Our goal as a company is to grow in a robust, stable way, generating positive employment for the area, wealth distribution and social well-being, while always respecting the environment and supporting sustainable practices. We have a strong sense of corporate responsibility and commitment towards everyone in our supply chain (suppliers, craftspeople, designers, distribution and clients…)

These are the roots that support the “mulberry” tree (our logo), the strong foundations that sustain our structure.

It is of utmost importance to us that everyone who is part of this project, in whatever form or shape, knows and understands what these essential pillars are. Once we do, we need to be aware of the important role that everyone of us plays within that, that we are an atom of 'La Mora', that we are all of equal importance; and to assume this responsibility not only in our day to day work but also in what it means to be a part of this.

Our project is based on three pillars whose main objectives are to develop a model that requires a total repositioning of the industry .