We want to tell you about the beginnings of Javier Morato Valverde del Camino.

Let's start from the beginning


Third generation of artisan shoemakers. The Morato family began in 1968 in a small workshop in the Huelva town of Valverde del Camino. Path that takes us to Andalusia, and after a walk between olive trees and cork oaks we arrive at a small town, Valverde del Camino, already stepping on the province of Huelva.

There we are welcomed by the monument to the "Boto de Valverde del Camino" symbol of its industry, one that for several generations has forged what may be one of the best shoemaking artisans in the world.

Our factory


To understand this brand we must delve into each of its parts. We would not understand the fruit of the blackberry without each of its spherical grains in the same way that we will not understand this shoe without delving into each of its elements assembled from delicacy, demand and passion.

The blackberry, as if it were an atom, is made up of a certain number of particles that unite around a nucleus and form a wild but delicious and delicate fruit. That is our symbol. MORATO comes from La Mora, its core is the family, tradition, the factory. And everyone clings to it with passion and being aware of having something unique. But JAVIER MORATO always goes and will go together with VALVERDE DEL CAMINO (JMVC).

JMVC is the 100% Made-in-Spain high-end shoe revolution. JMVC is classic and very current, mixing the artisan/timeless with the trend and freshness, it is made of high quality, in full grain leather, in Goodyear© stitching, preserving the values ​​of family, town and tradition.

Javier Morato: “My grandfather was the first to make footwear; My parents gave the impetus and the Valverde del Camino brand was born, whose boots are internationally recognized”

valverde del camino

Certificate of authenticity

All our products carry the authenticity label of Valverde del Camino. Guarantee label that guarantees the manufacturing process with which we handcraft all our products one by one with the highest quality, taking care of every detail of the process.

The guarantee mark, in addition to the manufacturing process, ensures the quality of the raw materials. And not only with our leathers, their traceability from the origin and the tanning processes. Also with the rest of the raw material used for clothing, from the threads to the accessories such as buckles or zippers.

This guarantees that the product has the highest quality at all stages, from the choice of materials to its manufacture.

All products covered by the "Valverde del Camino" guarantee mark are accompanied by a label with a certificate of authenticity and a product number that guarantees that it is unique and exclusive. In addition, from the R+D+I department we are already working on incorporating the quality certificate into each pair through an invisible label that will certify the origin with blockchain technology as well as all our guarantees just by bringing a smartphone closer to the shoe"


Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of three generations of shoe artisans in Valverde del Camino, since 1968.

Committed to excellence, our work in the world of horses is a testimony of passion and perseverance.

We are dedicated to providing the best to riders and horsewomen, combining ancient craftsmanship with the constant search for perfection.

Explore our history steeped in commitment and discover how we dedicate our work to quality and dedication to the equestrian world.


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