The Brand

A blackberry bush features on the coat of arms of our surname “Morato”. It is in its third generation that the shrub bears a new fruit, “the blackberry”, becoming the symbol for our brand JMVC, Javier Morato Valverde del Camino.

JMVC looks at the world through a blackberry.

It blends tradition and craftsmanship with originality and the new standards, rules and trends characterising the industry, including new messages and a new way of speaking and communicating.

The fruit is sometimes cultivated on farms, yet it occasionally grows wild; at times it is sweet and at other times, bitter. This is what we propose: classic, yet with an unconventional twist, elegant, yet on-trend, artisan and traditional, yet improving processes to be competitive, transparent and with continuous improvement to offer the finest quality

Javier Morato - JM

My siblings and I were born in a shoebox. Home didn’t smell of freshly brewed coffee in the mornings, but of leather. This is how I remember my childhood.

My mother engaged in the beautiful craft behind a sewing machine that she had inherited from my grandfather. She has been sitting there since the age of 15 and now, aged 68, she cannot bring herself to cut the cord. By that time in her youth, she had already met my father who would soon learn the shoemaking craft.

In 1990, when I turned 13, my younger sister (the fourth child) was born and we moved to another, somewhat bigger house in the town, but, above all, with a premises on the ground floor that allowed the business to be expanded. A flight of stairs ran directly to the atelier below, meaning that my parents hardly went out, going from the workshop to home and from home to the workshop. This was their world, their way of life.

My parents were together in everything, when it came to family and the business, starting out in 1968, from a very young age. My siblings have kept up the tradition, as have the artisans that have been with us all our lives. More than just employees, they are part of the family.

This is our story, a story that has shaped our values. Now I, the only sibling that left the family workshop for 20 years, am responsible for moving them to our company. Each and every drupelet that makes up the blackberry is a part of all this no single one is more important than the other, and the result is the fruit we can now savour.

Valverde del Camino - VD

Valverde del Camino is one of the atoms that constitute our atomic structure.

Industry began to flourish in our town of Valverde del Camino in 1868 with the arrival of the railway and the spread of English mining companies in the province.

The first mechanised factory in the Valverde footwear industry was set up in 1912, which went on to be a leader in the sector in Andalusia and Extremadura for many years. Just before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Valverde’s footwear was already a nationwide benchmark and although the war had a tremendous impact, it soon regained its former glory. In 1950, the first exhibition of horse riding boots took place. This type of footwear would gradually become the locality’s hallmark footwear, which would hit its heyday in the 1970s.

Now, 60 years later and spanning three generations, it is time to take the leap and show that we are capable of doing many more things in this world, because “we are shoemakers” and “we love what we do”.