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Our goal as a company is to grow in a robust, stable way, generating positive employment for the area, wealth distribution and social wellbeing, while always respecting the environment and supporting sustainable practices. We have a strong sense of corporate responsibility and commitment towards everyone in our supply chain (suppliers, craftspeople, designers, distribution and clients…)

These are the roots that support the “mulberry” tree (our logo), the strong foundations that sustain our structure.

It is of utmost importance to us that everyone who is part of this project, in whatever form or shape, knows and understands what these essential pillars are. Once we do, we need to be aware of the important role that everyone of us plays within that, that we are an atom of ‘La Mora’, that we are all of equal importance; and to assume this responsibility not only in our day to day work but also in what it means to be a part of this.

Our project is based on three pillars whose main objectives are to develop a model that requires a total repositioning of the industry.

1. Valverde del Camino

Valverde del Camino is one of the atoms in our “atomic mulberry” logo. In 1868, with the arrival of the railway and the expansion of English mining companies in the region, Valverde del Camino joined the industrial boom. The first mechanized shoe factory in Valverde was built in 1912 and became a reference point for the entire sector in the south of Spain for many years. Just before the start of the civil war, shoes from Valverde had attained international acclaim and even though the impact of the war was significant, it did not take long for it to reestablish itself in all its glory. In 1950 it had its first exhibition of country boots. This type of footwear gradually became the region’s hallmark design that reached its peak in the 70s. Now, 60 years later and three and a half generations down the line, it is time to take the leap and show the world that we are capable of much more, “because we are shoemakers” and “we love what we do”.

Today we are proud to be able to say that all of our goods bear the Valverde del Camino’s guaranteed label.

Rising from the essence, values and knowledge of a century of shoemaking, the Valverde de Camino label will take its place once again amongst other great European brands.

We will not be basing our business around one product though (unlike “the boot” in its heyday) but around a business model and vertically integrated industry, from design to production and distribution. Valverde, will become a focus point, a hotspot for the footwear industry.

2. Human Capital

Our motto is “putting people first”. We have an absolute commitment to placing value on human capital (giving visibility above all to female cordwainers), to gender equality plans, salary rights, specific social benefit plans, and to improving all of these whenever possible. Absolute transparency for everyone.

We offer career training plans to all of our craftsmen and women in order to strengthen their industry skills. We hope that these craftsmen and women will become teachers in our training school (FP Dual) that we are setting up. We want to make the industry attractive to young people by setting up training agreements with international schools to exchange and cultivate new talent. New facilities will be open to everyone so that craftsmen and women, teachers, pupils, designers and clients can work alongside each other. By making communal areas, nurseries and all of the necessary commodities available we will create a “Palo Alto” style model for our shoe factory. We aspire to work with a group of people who not only care about their careers but about social support for under privileged groups and who look beyond their working day with generosity and solidarity.

In this environment and in this atmosphere we will make the best shoes in the world.

3. Productive Business Model

We are developing a totally disruptive model that looks to the future using I+D+I investments that optimize productivity in order to make us more competitive and raise quality standards that meet international criteria, using tools that allow us to monitor the whole process. This will involve the client, almost in real time, with blockchain technology that means we can guarantee the quality of our raw materials, where they come from and that the article is entirely manufactured at Valverde.

We aim to establish a new type of relationship with the client, we are not in the business of serving shoes to clients. JMVC is in the business of people serving shoes. The focus changes a lot as we search for a strong emotional links with our collaborators so that they become partners who transmit and nurture the significance of what it means to wear our goods.

In essence, it is a project that looks to the future whilst nurturing the best of the past and our roots, a humble but strong basis, from a respectful but fearless place. This is without doubt one of the greatest challenges, to deal with our fears, to push out into a market with the confidence of someone who knows what they are doing, because our story can vouch for that, to rid ourselves of complexes in the face of an uncertain future that we want to step into firm of foot, with hope and confidence.

The quantum leap that we are looking for is ambitious and long term. A leap that not only concentrates on the product, the image and the media; but one that aspires to be a business model that does not simply focus on the company and the craftsmen and women but aims to generate local wealth in a stable and robust way, creating quality employment and careers for future generations to come.